Matan Rosenberg has been performing his magic and mind reading show live, for audiences big and small at private and corporate events around the globe for the past 14 years.

During these Pandemic times where all physical face to face interactions stopped in an effort to slow the spread of Covid-19 around the world.
That means that all live shows and concerts, religious ceremonies and any form gathering were brought to a halt.
During lockdown surrounded by his lovely wife and baby boy, he decided not to binge on Netflix (maybe a little bit) and he went right back to work, at his home studio in order to create the best Magic and Mind reading show known to man over ZOOM!

What is a ZOOMagic show?

When life gives you lemons , finally people from all over the world can participate in a world class show where minds are read and thoughts are influenced, some would say that the show is even more impressive than in real life!

“How the heck can this guy in Israel read my mind while I’m sitting in my home in Boston?!!?”

The show takes place over Zoom so you can cancel the catering or the cab ride home, or in some cases the flight … you are not going anywhere but at the same time going everywhere..Scratching your head trying to figure out how he does it!

Participation is the name of the game!

You and your audience will interact with Matan and with the other participants in a spectacle full of impossible moments!

Has everyone in your company been told to work from home?
Well now is the time to give them an experience like no other!
A team building experience where Matan integrates the company messages into the presentation itself, or just a company fun day where the ZOOM call you expected to be another boring meeting is actually a surprising magic show!
International corporations that have branches spread out throughout the world can now unite them all in one multi- participant Zoom call with a kick!

Matan has done dozens of these corporate ZOOM shows to critical acclaim.
Matan has also done quite a few private events, where families who drove themselves up the wall during quarantine looking for something to do, pulled the whole family together from around the world and booked Matan’s show.

Bar or Bat Mitzvahs and Charity events are also the types of events that can be done successfully over ZOOM, Matan has done quite a few of those, everything stays the same , people dress nicely, they prepare their speech and the edited Bat Mitzvah video clip and for the big surprise , Matan’s mind reading show!

Can’t think of an event you are planning and still want to enjoy the interactive mind reading show?

Simply  follow Matan’s open event dates and simply get a ticket.
Tickets cost 20 dollars per device/household

(so if you are a family of five making it the most affordable show you’ll ever witness at four dollars per person.)

Not sure what you are getting?

This concept is fairly new, we get it …
Here are some moments from Past Zoom shows

Or message Matan right now via Whatsapp to schedule a free live demo NOW!

Via email at matan@magicmatan.com
Or Whatsapp at +972528282128

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