We all have moments we remember in life
But when was the last time you truly felt astonished


If this sounds familiar… you are in the right place!

“ Every year I try to outdo myself when I plan our annual event, I’ve go to phase that I just don’t know what to choose anymore…”
“The employees all have super high expectations of having a super well produced event. Where do I begin ?!?” My event is given a budget by people who have no idea of market prices and my hands are tied. There isn’t even an inch of flexibility!”
Real bummer!
“I am not willing to experience an event where everything falls apart, not again. Vendors who don’t show up time or make rookie mistakes… not again. Not on my shift!” “My boss mentioned that this time she is inviting some very important guests and the expectations are sky high! HELP!!!”
I know how that feels!
If these quotes sound familiar , give you stressed out feeling and in general makes your blood pressure rise
It’s important that you know


Together we will produce an event that will answer all of your needs
An event with the WOW factor, a magical event, just what you were looking for 

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Your event is going to be a massive success

With my experience and with listening to your specific needs, together we will succeed in creating a unique and impressive experience for your employees and your families.
Sounds good?
Great! Add a Joker, a wild card at your event, that in the moment of truth will become exactly what you need- contact now

Expect results

First result

Satisfied employees- your workers are going to compliment you , they are going to be full of enthusiasm and good vibes

Second result

Satisfied bosses- Management will feel that you made the right decision. choosing Matan.

Third result

Satisfied customers - this show will fit your needs like a race car driver’s glove, and the result will be victory

Let's get the party started

The Undercover show

The Undercover show

Walkaround magic with a twist Imagine a ninja, guerilla warrior and a mind reading magician, walkaround in a tailored suit at your event. It's going to be surprising
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Stage show

Stage show

"Matan's show" - presence and humor with no compromises
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Emcee services

המופע Undercover

Matan the tailor of the entertainment world Rosenberg” In this package Matan Rosenberg is going to collaborate with you in creating all of the surprises, memorable moments, twists and turns and humor that will be incorporated into your event.
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The only show in Israel that can be done in five different languages and so can be adapted to any crowd including your own


You enchanted all of the guests, both young and old. He creates such a great connection with the audience which remains open to the charms and sorcery he is doing … We received a lot of wonderful feedback during and after the event. Thank you!
Guy's Bar Mitzvah
I invited Matan Rosenberg to a private event at my home. He is a charismatic and charming magician. His professionalism is second to none!!! It was a breathtaking experience. I would gladly invite him again in the future for similar events. Highly recommended!
Gal's 35th Birthday party
Noam’s Bar Mitzvah at the Schewadron Farm was simply great! You did a wonderful job as you charmed the guests of all ages, worked hard from start to finish, and seemed not to be rest for a minute People came up to me during the event and asked how we got to you and what a wonderful, special and original idea. Thank you very much and good luck, I would also be happy to be your reference just send them my number!
Ilanit Ben Zikri
Noam's Bar Mitvah
Matan Rosenberg is incredibly talented at what he does. He entertained our guest throughout our wedding and we received numerous positive feedback. Our guests loved Matan and were so impressed by his talent. People said he was one of the highlights of our wedding. A number of our guests even hired Matan for their events and weddings, which speaks volumes of how much they enjoyed his performance. We highly recommend Matan. He will elevate your celebration up a notch and will make it so much more memorable. Noa and Ben Cleveland
Noa and Ben Cleveland
Noa and Ben's Wedding
We’ve known Matan for years! And we’ve seen his career skyrocket throughout the years it was clear to us he was the right pick for our wedding reception before the Chupa, Matan walked around and charmed everyone! We would highly recommend that every couple getting married take Matan, break the ice between guests who do not always know each other and in general upgrade the fun atmosphere that weddings have in general!
Sarai's and Nimrod's Wedding

The easiest decision - choosing Matan's show

Matan surprises your guests, including the VIPs, when he demonstrates his special style of magic calles “close up magic”. This is an art form that combines wonder and requires improvisational skills.

Imagine a world of illusions moving from the theater to the table top, where the participants’ hands act as a tiny and magical stage.
Expect that you and your guests will experience an evening like no other. Logic and the pesky thoughts and how he does it will be left behind and all you will have left to do is to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Matan is a chameleon -performer, he is able to adapt to any group of people. With no assistance, and without any “accomplices”. Folks feel as if he is their first degree family member, that he has been working in the company for years, that he is a great guy. In almost every possible language, Matan makes an immediate connection between people and presents them with illusions at point blank with everyday borrowed objects that he just borrowed from the table. 

The show is presented in Hebrew, English, Spanish, French and German.

The Walkaround show

The walkaround show is magic and mind reading show that is performed walking around the venue – with no defined stage or time limitation throughout the night I approach small groups of people and astonish them at point blank and under their noses with Mind reading ( telepathy) or making borrowed objects disappear, and all this while interacting and creating a connection.

I stay throughpout the evening in order to see if I should sppaorch a group now or perhaps in an hour’s time, I read the situation in order to know when a table needs just two minutes of astonishment or 20 minutes of wonder.

The walkaround show can be integrated with a whole evening program that could include a stage show so that during the cocktail reception and dinner party I will walk around and magish you guests and after the main course go up on stage and perom my stage show of up to 45 minutes. 

Stage show

Whether you are planning an intimate evening with 20 or 30 guests or a grand scale event with hundreds of particiapants, my stage show is right for you!

The show includes interactive mind reading and magical and funny moments, the show is presented in a tongue-in- cheek lighthearted manner.

I will have guests join me on stage all while having everyone in the room participate, whether from their seat or on the stage.

So for about 45 minutes put aside your doubts and the question “ how do you do it ?” and join me for a magical once in a lifetime experience

So what are you waiting for? 

The compliments you’ve been getting won’t stop You were amazing! You lifted up the entire event and made it whole You surprised and made us laugh In a nutshell - it was perfect! Thank you so so much! Sharon and Tomer Goldbrener

Matan Rosenebrg is the human chameleon, he is the right man for any event. Well…almost any event

For the following events it is recommended NOT to book Matan. 

The event is only for robots

The event is happening on Mars

The event is for one person

The event is for a mixed crowd with all sorts of language, ages and positions Ahhh...in fact - that actually fits the bill, the human chameleon is perfect for that. Book Matan Now

The event is over

The event will take place in a hundred years

Book Matan Rosenberg now- it is the right decision to make
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