Matan Rosenberg's show

That moment the guests at your event say

Roll with laughter and never stop smiling.
And all thanks to the fact that you chose Matan Rosenberg, the master of the senses for your event.

Laughing amazed having fun point.

"No wizard made a difference by being like everyone else."

Matan Rosenberg, magician, connoisseur, the man with the most contagious laugh at your event
Going to impress you with the elegant look surprise you with magic that turns the biggest skeptics into fans.
And just have fun for your guests.

Who is Matan Rosenberg?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the one and only, Matan Rosenberg – the Tesla of sensory art, the magician of dreams, and the ultimate content for your business or private events! With a twinkle in his eyes and a huge heart, Matan Rosenberg will surprise you.

“Last year we celebrated without Matan. This year the event was with Matan. Thank God.”

Matan Rosenberg brings to your event magic, telepathy and a lot of added value in almost any language! Matan studied foreign languages ​​for years and performs in Hebrew, English, Spanish, French and German.

Get ready for the impressive sight of guests who are fascinated by his crazy sequences, the surprising illusions and the happiness he brings to every audience.

Rosenberg’s magic isn’t just the show; It’s also creating moments that stay in the heart long after the catering has brought out the desserts.

And thanks to the fact that Matan Rosenberg performs in five languages, the show is suitable for any audience and anywhere, including

Let Matan Rosenberg be your guide to a world where an ordinary event becomes extraordinary, and every experience is a celebration of wonder. Enter the magical world of Matan Rosenberg. The show is about to start!
Satisfied CEOs
years of experience
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“How did you do it?”

Prepare yourself for a flood of compliments from the guests.

The friends, the boss and even Aunt Rebecca who usually sits on the side… this time everyone at the event is going to be enthusiastic, laugh, get excited and make you happy.

Because you made the right choice. You chose Matan Rosenberg.

This is how it will look at your event

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A rotating show

Matan goes to every group at your event, during the reception and makes them crazy. To one he reads thoughts and to the other he raises the wedding ring. Don’t worry – he returns the ring at the end 😉 During the evening meal, Matan goes from table to table and puts on a mini show for each table. It’s a personal experience, one on one, a powerful experience of something amazing happening right under your nose.

The stage show

The show is in the classic format. You sit in the rows of a theater or around the tables and contract a Las Vegas style show, where thoughts are read, and objects disappear. But, this is not a one man show – you are involved in the show throughout the show, whether you volunteer to go on stage and experience the magic yourself or you sit and roll with laughter in your chairs.

An interactive show that fully engages the audience. The length of the show is modular and can be between 20 and 75 minutes. 

Event management

Matan Rosenberg is going to plan together with you all the surprises, exciting moments, twists and humor that will be included in your event. Matan will go on stage and present link segments between speakers at your event that are related to the theme and the messages you want to convey. Whether it is a farewell event for a CEO or your son’s Bar Mitzvah – there is a time and place for an experienced moderator for the event.


Need leads? Beyond the fact that Matan will amaze you, he will also help you sell. If you are at a trade show where you need to stop people and create a buzz, giving a professional presentation will not only stop people, but also embed your messages in the presentation and transfer the potential leads to your sales team for an easy sell.

When you book a master of the senses show by Matan Rosenberg, you can expect an experience


Even for the skeptics among the skeptics


So that all the guests are excited

on another level

And with zero effort

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