For those important moments in your event 

Matan Rosenberg

Is just what you are looking for.

A Magician & Mentalist that add excitement to your event

This is a rare opportunity to see if Matan is available at your date and time. (🤞)

What if I could promise you that these would be your guests’ reactions at your event

“The event was a smashing success.. I usually decline invitations, or go to events without really wanting to go, but at your event I had a blast! it was really worth coming”


“Where did you find this magician?

Throughout the entire evening I’ve been watching people around him laugh their pants off.

He is such a charmer!

And even:

“You’ve outdone yourself, the event was perfection”


Planning a successful event is important to you 

and it’s also important to me

Matan Rosenberg

Together we will produce an event that is specifically tailored to your needs

an event that evokes a

WOW response
A magical event, just what you were looking for

The reason people invite Matan is that events that surprise their guests usually have content. Generally a magician, mentalist or mind reader. Someone who can roam around the room and amaze the guests. A good mentalist, like Matan, knows not only how to read minds but how to read the room and can be a very impressive attraction at your event with a mentalism show for the whole audience.

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Sounds good?

Sounds good? great! add a wild card to your event, a wild card that in the moment of truth will transform to be whomever you need him to be – contact now 

When you invite a mentalist like Matan Rosenberg you can expect results

Result number 1

The guests are satisfied

Result number 2

The family is satisfied

Result number 3

You are satisfied!

Let’s get the party started

Emcee services

Emcee services

Matan “The tailor of the entertainment world” Rosenberg In this package Matan will build together with you all of the surprises, emotional moments, twists and humor as the Master of Ceremonies at your event
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The stage show

The stage show

“The Matan Rosenberg show”- Presence and humor without compromise, this show is your secret weapon of the content of the event. An impressive stage presence, guaranteed results, and a lot of great humor, with an international flare.
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The Undercover show

The Undercover show

Walkaround magic with a twist Imagine a combination of a ninja, guerilla warrior and mind reading magician, walking around the venue in a tailored suit at your cocktail reception or dinner party. It's gonna be surprising.
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Matan performs in five languages

Matan surprises your guests, including those VIPs, when he presents his very special style of close up magic. This is an art form that creates wonder and requires improv skills. Imagine a world of illusion going from the theater hall to the dinner table where the participants act as the stage. You and your guests can expect an evening like no other. Where logic and the thought of how he does it get left behind, and all you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Matan is a chameleon-performer, he is able to adapt to any group of people.

with no assistance, no “plants”. people feel like he is a first degree relative, that he is a company employee, that he is a jolly good fella’. In almost every conceivable language, Matan creates immediate connections between people and he presents illusions from point blank using borrowed objects.

The performance is available in Hebrew, English, Spanish, French and German 

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