When was the last time you were congratulated on the event you organized??
Produce events that people rave about on socials.

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We all have these moments in life like…

Does this sound familiar?
“Every year, I try to make an event stronger than the previous ones… I’ve already reached the point where I don’t know what to choose!”
Frustrating, right?
“Guests have super high expectations for an elaborate and meticulous event. Where do we start?!?”
You definitely need help.
“I can’t handle another performance where the audience is unhappy. That would be one too many!”
I know how it feels..

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Producing an event is stressful…
So you must know.

You're not alone.

Together we will organize an event that meets all your needs.
So how exactly are we going to do that?

That’s where the magic of Matan comes into play.

Surprise guests with jaw-dropping and mind-blowing performances that include magic, mentalism, and sensory artistry.

Matan will walk among your guests and charm them with his captivating tricks. He knows how to read minds… and also to read the room. His telepathy show is an impressive performance for every guest. 

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Sounds good?
Excellent! Add a charmer to your event and impress your guests. Contact us now.

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You can expect results when you book a mentalist like Matan Rosenberg.

Your guests are satisfied…

Your family and friends will be delighted and enthralled

Your event is the talk of the town…

No more boring, mediocre events

You become the proud host

People will rave about you as much as about your unforgettable event

Magical Packages

The perfect package for every event.

The Undercover Show

The Undercover Show

Imagine a world where surprise acts generate your event's most memorable and engaging moments. Undercover Matan Rosenberg, walking magic with just enough twist to keep you on edge and in a world where excitement awaits.

The Stage Show

The Stage Show

Matan’s Show is a must-have for any event. His entertaining and witty performance in an international style will keep people on their feet all night long!

Event Management

Event Management

If you want a tailor-made experience for you and your guests, Matan Rosenberg is the guy for you. He knows how to make an event unforgettable with his world-class talent and wit.

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Companies that we have worked with

See why thousands recommend Matan Rosenberg

Magically engaging your guests.

“Matan goes around and charms everyone. We strongly recommend every couple getting married to take Matan, to break the ice between the guests who don't always know each other and to upgrade the fun atmosphere at weddings.”
Shrey and Nimrod
(The wedding of Shrey and Nimrod)
We met Matan at a magician's evening in Tel Aviv and immediately noticed his charisma. When we thought about bringing a magician to the wedding, Matan was the first and only one we called. We closed with Matan for two hours, which should have been enough for the reception, but Matan stayed much longer and gave an excellent show. All the guests were enthusiastic about the idea of a magician and Matan, who was tremendous! My wife's reaction: "Matan!! Many, many thanks for Friday! You are a charm of a guy, people told me. How enthusiastic they were about the magic and you as a person, taking you was our best decision! Hope to see you at more events”
Ron and Daphne
(Ron and Daphne's wedding)
“Matan was at our Bar Mitzvah. Matan was kind and patient and answered all the questions before the event. He arrived before the guests on the event day and accompanied the entire event until the end. Matan excited the youth and the adults charmingly and entertainingly with lots of humor and outstanding communication with all ages! Matan added a smile and charm to the event. It is highly recommended”
Mona and Eyal Bin
(Bar Mitzvah of Ofek)
“I invited Matan Rosenberg to a private event at my house. He is a magician!!! Charismatic and charming. His professionalism is first-rate, and it was a breathtaking experience. I would love to invite him again in the future for similar events. It is highly recommended.”
Limor Zalmayer
Gal's 35th birthday
“Matan, thank you very much for a fantastic evening you knew how to spend ideally. It is not clear how many hours you were with us. Everyone enjoyed it and complimented it endlessly. I am a very private person and am not on social media, but I will make sure that everyone who attended my husband's celebration will socialize with you accordingly!!!! Thank you, and thank you again for everything💐💐💐💐❤”
Tali and Aknin
50th birthday (surprise) of her husband, Shimon
“Fantastic performance today. Everyone loved you! Thanks for being part of our celebration! We will meet again.”
Gavin Pollock
(His mom's 80th birthday)
“Dear Matan, I would like to thank you for your impressive appearance at our family event. You gave the impression of a professional from the first moment, and we felt we were in good hands. During the event, you were there first, and from that moment, there was a great connection with the participants. The performance was awe-inspiring, and everyone enjoyed it—both surprising and funny and all with a personal charm unique to you. You know everyone by personal name in a few minutes and has become a friend. At the end of the event, we felt that you were already part of the family and friends, so I thank you very much. I will recommend you at every opportunity and hope to see you at other events. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Moshe Francis
(70th birthday for his father)

The easiest choice - Matan Rosenberg.

Matan can surprise your guests with close-up, intimate mentalism: an awe-inspiring magical art that requires skill, charisma, and a knack for improvisation. The cherry on top? Point out your most valued guests to Matan, and he can give them the VIP treatment they deserve.

Imagine a mobile microcosm of illusions that moves from the performance hall to the table, in which the hands of the participants serve as a tiny and magical stage. Expect your guests to experience an evening like no other. And your job? Sit back and enjoy. Matan is a master chameleon who can adapt himself to any group of people without your assistance or need for “planting.”

Matan is charming and likable; people feel that he’s a first-degree relative or that he’s been working for the company for years… In almost every language they speak, Matan creates an immediate connection with the people and presents them with illusions from scratch using simple objects he borrows from the table he arrives at.

This show is possible in Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, and German

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Amazing close-up magic tricks for any event.

“Dear Matan, thank you very much for a perfect evening. You were with us wholeheartedly from the first moment to the end. It was charming, surprising, and funny, everyone enjoyed and was fascinated by you, and without you, it wouldn't have been the same. Thank you very much for your pleasantness and excellent professional service. Definitely an excellent recommendation from Gil 😄 Thank you very much, and good night 🙏”
Odelia Carney
Yuval's bat mitzvah
“We had the pleasure of hosting you; glad I chose you; you were charming!!!”
Makmel Chen
Head of Human Resources Bank Leumi Capital Market Services
“Hi Matan, I wanted to thank you for the light, witty and funny show you delivered to the audience of global application engineers. The show was also planned and adapted to the content and theme of the event. Time management was excellent. Just what is needed to leave a smile and a taste for more? The interaction with the audience was terrific, and of course, it is needless to mention fluent English. I hope that in the future, we will have more collaborations. Good luck!”
Einat Atias-Jordan
Project Manager, Applied Materials
“It was an amazing show, all day, people came up and said how much they enjoyed it! Thank you ❤️"
Shiri Tzur
Human Resources Manager Philips Medical
“You were great, Just like I remembered you! Many thanks, dear man. You made the event for us.”
Head of human resources
“Matan appears charismatic and sensitive to the audience, with the ability to read people, excite them and leave them stunned by the show. The show is mesmerizing, and we feel its impact to this day. I highly recommend Matan for any business event.”
Dorit Moschino ben Simon
Head of Social Responsibility - General Health Services, an event for nurses
“Hi Matan, thank you for your excellent performance. I handed out your business cards because everyone enjoyed them, and we will meet happily.”
Elsa Rabivo
Lilit Cosmetics, personal assistant to the CEO

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You are one step away from a magical event with a great show.
Matan Rosenberg’s performance is the right choice for you.

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